I’ve identified something of a trend in my recent music ‘likings’ – many of them bend or break the traditional rules of rhyme and rhythm. For instance Juliet Turner lyric:

I will not be leaving you

cos that is not the way I do things

Can’t get worse, might get better

Has always been my way of thinking

or perhaps

I’m standing next to lady liberty

She brings a sentimental tear

A little water in the eye

Always good to have a cry

Take some time to wonder why

Then business as usual, business as usual.

Of course KT Tunstall is another

My heart knows me better than I know myself

So I’m going to let it do all the talking

I came across a place in the middle of nowhere

with a big black horse and a cherry tree.

Ok in this verse she does go on to rhyme “talking” “walking” and “tree” with “me”, but this pattern doesn’t hold in the second verse; “two” and “tree”. Writing the lyrics down only half captures this tho, and they play fast and loose with the rhythm too, particularly Juliet Turner (count the syllables in the Lady Liberty lines!)

Not that this is a new phenomenon – songs like Park Life, Cool for Cats do the same kinda thing.

I was trying to decide if Hayley Hutchinson fits this pattern… The best I could manage was her bridge:

Sing to me some sweet meleody

I don’t think it’ll help me sleep

I’m tired but I’m so guilty

I cut you down with my honesty

I would probably also edge the Kasier Chiefs into this category – although they do rhyme, there’s something a little odd about their structure and timing.