Can’t say I rate the O2 website – except on price, I suppose. I ordered the phone, as you know, and got the usual flurry of confirmation e-mails. However, after a few hours, I got another e-mail that informed me said phone was in fact out of stock, that it would be shipped as soon as they had stock (and the figure of 5 days was banded around), and in the meantime I could check my order status through the website..

Could I heck! Apparantly there’s meant to be a “My Orders” section – no such thing. I sent off an e-mail, and got an almost instant stock response telling me that the web-shop was either down (try again in two hours), or it was a problem with my browser. Needless to say neither of this applied.. two hours later (two days later, come to that) still no ability to check my order online.

… However, barely had the “out of stock” e-mail arrived, then another one arrived telling me it has been dispatched, and I could track on DHL’s website with a magic number! I put in the magic number, and yes indeed; there it is; “marked for collection.” Quite how something can be out of stock and then collected for delivery is a little beyond me….

Still if it is going to turn up on Monday or Tuesday, as promised, I’m not complaining. To be honest if it doesn’t turn up for a few weeks I’m probably not going to moan too loudly!