"The z520i"

Well, the phone arrived on Monday, and it seems to be very nice. Small and sleek, yet also fast to use, and I do like the blue edge lights. I haven’t used it in anger yet, as it’s still locked to O2, but the unlock cable is due to arrive on Monday which will free me to fly in the world of Orange.

I have been carrying it around in my pocket (mainly because the unlock cable is being delivered to work, so I was going to unlock it there), and it feels fine. Of course I’ve yet to see how noticeable the vibrate is, and all that stuff, but so far it’s a big thumbs up!

The camera shutter noise is back, sigh, although it’s loads better than the K700i noise! If I get very excited I might flash the firmware and get rid of it, but I don’t think firmwares for this phone are particularly out and about just yet.

So as soon as it’s unlocked, the K700i’s off to eBay. In it’s state it’s in I’m hoping to get 30 or 40 quid.. It’s looking like I’ll get about the same from my old Garmin, which means I’ll be all set for the new GPS early next year! Well, I say new; I expect eBay will be my friend once again, which will save me another 30 or 40 quid on a brand new model.

Anyway, this entry is 100% avoidance as I’m meant to be finishing off my sermon prep for tomorrow evening.