"Blogging away"

Funny how it goes – have a period of going weeks between entries, and then suddenly end up doing almost one a day for a bit.

As I said yesterday, it’s been an exciting time – we were at Biscaya Bay in town last night, which was fab. I had a lovely duck main, and then what is probably their speciciality for pudding – namely a trio of creme brulee. But these are no ordinary creme brulee, oh no – how about lemon, raspberry, and thyme(!) creme brulee? Truly wonderful creations, and the thyme one is a lot nicer than you might expect – I’d go so far as to say it was my favourite.

Sold off my old phone too, on good ‘ol eBay. Despite being faulty (and very clearly sold as faulty), it raised over 30 quid. That’s going on for half of what my brand new shiny phone cost! So it’s shaping up nicely for a new GPS in a few months time, when I’ve managed to save some more.

The final excitement was icing the Christmas cake this afternoon, all ready to be eaten next week. I don’t know that I’ve really come to terms with Christmas day being next Sunday, but it is! The cake is not fully decorated, as I’m going to do something approximately artistic on the top (and it will be a very rough approximation to art). Probably a little marzipan snowman and snowballs. Or something.

Anyway, this evening is Bleak House evening – the final two episodes no less.