Yum – went for sushi today, at Little Tokyo in town. I opted for the sashimi bento, which was a new experience on both counts. I must admit that raw fish (and jellyfish) has never been near the top of my “food I want to eat” list, but you’ve got to try these things. I was actually quite impressed – really very tasty, and the whole bento box thing in general is a top plan.

The restaurant itself was fine – we ate downstairs, but there was a huge fishtank against one wall, which looked a bit like a window as long as you didn’t actually look at it. The service was a little variable; the starters and mains arrived quickly, but the deserts – while very tasty – arrived one at a time over 15 or 20 minutes, and weren’t exactly what was ordered at first. We decided the waiter didn’t speak any English.

The menu was reasonably priced, and as I said the food was well received by all. If I went again I probably wouldn’t bother with desert or coffee there as it was so slow.