Well, in the event it was a much better year for me personally than last year, although of course a year marred by ongoing terrorist and insurgent activity, and four massive natural disasters.

It’s hard to know how to sum up 2005. A year of jolly hard work, to be sure, and plenty of work trips, to the exciting climes of Oxford, Edinburgh, and Nottingham. I’m completely settled in my job now, which is good, even though my contract is up in only 18 months. Ben just keeps getting more and more fun to be with – we spent today doing a giant Thomas the Tank Engine floor puzzle! Well some it, anyway. He’s worryingly addicted to Baby TV (which is actually a TV channel I have no reservations about him watching – it’s stimulating and educational without any negative messages or vibes). We don’t really like him watching loads of telly, and when he comes down first thing in the morning and stands in front of box asking for “bebe tv bebe tv” it’s not the best. But it is particularly easy to distract him at this time of year; lots of new pressies.

In terms of my toys, my old K700i bit the dust (which was a shame, ‘cos I loved that phone). I do like the Z520i, and can’t see me changing it anytime soon. In fact I’d go further than that; I really like my Z520i, but it doesn’t quite do everything I want. Bosh var. The GPS went off on eBay too, and I haven’t yet replaced it. When I do it’s almost certainly going to be a Garmin Etrex Legend with EU basemap. The right features of the right cost.

I haven’t look back at all from my big switch to digital – in fact I even upgraded my Palm to more capable model when my only Palm III died. The Tungsten E2 is fab – the only two things I don’t like about it are that it’s very hard to work in the dark, and that it doesn’t have built in WiFi. Otherwise I love it – screen is great, apps are great, bluetooth is great, battery life is fine. I can highly recommend it. The 300D is great too – something like 2,500 shots now, and I love being able to take really risky shots knowing that I’m not wasting film. The quality of photos it takes still makes me go “wow” when they come up the computer screen for the first time.

It was a little sad to part with our Punto, although I really like the new car. My favourite aspect of the new one is it has little storage cubbyholes everywhere. It’s really good to be able to stash away stuff you hardly ever use, but want to always be in the car. Like a footpump, or binoculars, or a spare waterproof outfit. And the boot is just gorgeous. I’m really looking forward to our trip to Bristol early next year when we won’t be bursting at the seams!!

Anyway, if I keep rambling it’ll be midnight… Happy new Year to one and all. Here’s hoping 2006 brings peace and blessings to us all. Resolutions to follow.