"Books books books"

I’m a great fan of Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness, etc), and tend to snap up his new novels pretty quickly – like Monster for example. Anyway, he’s got this new series going called The Veritas Project (nothing to do with Killroy-Silk!!). The basic is that there is a family of undercover agents who are hired by the US government to look into strange goings on, particularly if there’s a spiritual dimension.

The first one was Hangman’s Curse, and I’ve just finished

Nightmare Academy. I really enjoyed both, and feel like I’m getting to know the family, if that makes sense. I don’t know if he plans to release any more, but they’re a good read.

Incidently, Going Postal (second most recent Pratchett) is but brilliant. Possibly the best Discworld novel to date. I speed read Thud over Christmas, and to be honest wasn’t greatly impressed, but that might have been because I only had 2 days to read it!

My current book is Labyrinth, but Kate Mosse, which – after a slow start – is going together nicely. It doesn’t quite pass the “accidently start the next chapter because it’s such a page turner” test, but it is definitely a “H’mm – well just one more chapter tonight”. There’s a nice literary device of telling two stories interleaved, about two girls with the same name in the same place, but seperated by 800 years.