I actually love this time of year – yes it’s rainy and cold still, but every morning it’s just a little bit brighter in the morning, and you can’t help feeling the overall thrust the weather is taking is towards warmth and sunshine once more.

This morning, as I walked to the station, I wouldn’t go so far as to say the sun had risen, but it was the lightest it’s been for months, and the sky was very definitely “day blue” rather than “dawn grey”.

Lent is rapidly drawning closer too, so thoughts have been turning for how to mark it in 2006. Both A. and I have activities we’ve been meaning to do for a while, but somehow haven’t quite got around to, and we’re thinking for this Lent we might start doing them. Anna’s is to start swimming regularly, mine is to start studying Greek again (I got stuck trying to learn the different endings of words!). Say just an hour or so a week in both cases. In my case I’m expecting to be formally studying Greek later this year, but it would be useful to get a head-start, I think.

The other nice thing about February is that it’s got St Valentine’s day in it, our wedding anniversary, and then I know that my borthday is just around the corner too. 🙂