"easy-ly pleased"

As shown by the sudden leap in the number of reviews, I’m enourmously enjoying my easyDVD membership. When the little orange envelope flops onto the letterbox, and I tear it open to see what the title is, and Yes it’s a film I’ve been wanting to see for ages.

Of course a millisecond’s thought shows this as hugely circular – after all I’ve made a list of all the films I really want to see, marked them in order of preference, and that’s the order in which easyDVD send them. But there is still a small thrill because you don’t know exactly which one they’re going to send next – so today’s batch had Anchorman, The Stepford Wives, and Nathalie, three pretty different films. I don’t think they meant to send me three actually (I only bought 7 credits, which should have meant 2 at a time), but I’m not complaining.

As it happens I have potential film watching nights tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday too – although with some other bits and pieces to do I don’t think I can take all three. The other problem is that now I’m actually starting to catch up on films, my to-see list is in danger of growing again. Note to self – avoid Apple’s trailer website!