"GPS and mazes"

Well, surprise surprise, the accuracy of (native) GPS is not really enough to be useful in a maze, at least not the sort of maze where it’s relatively easy to keep your bearings. The screen resolution also becomes a factor.. if you keep the scale large enough to be able to see paths, then not enough of the maze fits on the screen to actually be useful. Still, it was fun.

I had hoped that at the end I’d at least have a GPS version of the maze – but of course the receiver only stores the track of where you’ve actually been! So if you see a dead-end and don’t go down it, it doesn’t appear on the track. This year the maze itself was based on a Star Trek theme, with the Enterprise and Picard and Spock all featuring in the design, so it would have appropriate, somehow, to have a GPS track of it. In the event by about a quarter of the way round I realised it wasn’t working, so gave up and just enjoyed the maze instead.

I remember wanting to make a grass maze in our garden in Norfolk when I was growing up – only mow the paths and let the rest grow up – but for some reason I never got around to it. Probably wasn’t allowed to. These days I’d be more likely to build a labyrinth than a maze. Perhaps this should be my next Lego project with Ben…