I think my little boy had his first nightmare last night – well his first conscious one anyway. He woke up around 5am in floods of tears saying I don’t like Honk Honk Honk, which would have been quite funny, except that he was so upset.

The honk honk honk thing might be one or two things – he sometimes rides around on his hobby horse saying honk, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. I usually point out horses say neigh rather than honk, and sometimes his sound changes to neigh, sometimes it doesn’t. This doesn’t really fit with not being liked though, as he clearly enjoys riding around on his little horsey.

The more likely explanation is that he’s referring to Brum, who’s a car on CBeebies who drives around saying the aforementioned honk, and which he watches sometimes at nursery. We know that he doesn’t like Brum.. or more precisely there’s one episode of Brum that involved two clowns that really scared him, so much so that one day he suddenly started crying as we were getting him ready for nursery, saying I don’t want to watch Brum. Anyway, nursery were fine with not showing it to Ben, and in any case this was several months ago, with no further problem. So who knows? I can kind of understand the whole ‘scared of clowns’ thing though, as they are pretty dark. I’ve never found them particularly funny, but then I’m not really into slap-stick.

On the subject of dreams, I’m making my acting debut this morning! At least, my acting debut in the sense of having to learn a script and recite a monologue. The church are running a holiday club for kids, and this year’s theme is learning all about Joseph – who of course was a well known dreamer and interpreter of dreams. I’m playing the part of Pharaoh’s cup-bearer, who gives a 5 minute eye-witness account of Joseph; his time in prison, his rise to prime minister of Egypt, and the dreams he interpreted along the way. It was actually easier than I expected to learn the lines, at least in the context where it doesn’t have to be verbatim, but then I guess most acting is really getting across the gist rather than the exact words? I should probably reserve judgement on how easy it was to learn the lines until I’ve done it for real!!!