"How’s -trix"

I don’t think the suffix -trix is used enough these days. It is apparently the feminine version or -tor, thus wherever you could have a (male) -tor, you would have a female -trix. The only two uses that seem to be current are dominatrix and testatrix, but I don’t know why we should stop there. Oh yes, and T3 gave us the terminatrix I suppose.

Actrix has a certain ring to it – and the Queen becomes protectrix of our land. A newspaper could have an editrix. If heroes have mentors, why shouldn’t a heroines have a mentrix?

Is a female alligator an alligatrix? Or maybe a woman who debases something is in adulteratrix. Cars are meant to be female, so why don’t they have motrixes to power them? (apparently it’s allowed to be -trixes when it’s the plural of -trix in this sense.) A female blogger becomes a promulgatrix, and a female gardener a propagatrix. And would a fridge full of chocolate be a refrigiratrix?

Or perhaps it could work the other way – clearly The Matrix is female, so what about The Mator?

So this week I will attempt to refer to a female guest as a visitrix.