Just had the pleasure of a last-minute work trip to the US – Boston to be exact – that, while I didn’t really get to see very much except the hotel and the people I was visiting, did afford half a day in downtime Boston, and of course the joys of international air travel.

I haven’t got time to put all my anecdotes down right now; got lots to do today and won’t be on the computer again for a week, but I will record them for posterity right here just as soon as I have a mo. I should have done it while I was out there, but somehow couldn’t really find inspiration.

So stay tuned (or more realistically tune in again in a few weeks) and you find out all about the joys of Schipol airport and an unscheduled visit to central Amsterdam, wading through icy sludge on the way to Harvard, and sleeping at Gate 12 of Kennedy airport while they fix the plane.

And all that’s before we talk about Lobsters, nachos, and George Bush Snr!