I’ve been struck by a few quotes over the last few weeks, for different reasons – here are some.

How the other half live:

It’s hard to believe that goat’s cheese salad used to be considered an exotic dish […] better than those old winter standbys Gruyere and Fontaine.

Waitrose Magazine

On vocation:

Do not try to find what the world needs.

Find what makes you feel alive.

What the world needs is people who feel alive.

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.

So many people tip-toe through life in order to arrive safely at their death.

Youthwork Magazine

On temptation and bad behaviour:

“It’s like I have two dogs inside me – a good dog and and an evil dog. They are always fighting each other.”

“Which one wins?”

[pause]. “The one I feed the most”

Interview with a monk as relayed in a Sunday sermon a couple of weeks ago.