"A week in Northumbria"

Just got back from a lovely trip to the border county. Well, one of the border counties anyway. Of England. Turns out that a week is nowhere near long enough to even scratch the surface, especially as we could easily have spent 5 days building sandcastles in a Canutine attempt to withstand the tide.

I won’t have time to write all about it now, but our itinerary was as follows, and I shall aim to expand over the next day or so:

  1. Angel of the North, arrive
  2. Holy Island
  3. Alnmouth beach
  4. Cragside
  5. Seahouses and Farne islands
  6. Barter Books, and Alnwick Garden
  7. Dunstanburgh Castle and Embleton Bay
  8. Leave, and High Force

Ok, so the first and the last aren’t in Northumbria, but I consider them to be part of the trip!

It is a lovely place – more or less my first visit to the county, and I’m almost certain we’ll be going back next year for another go. The beaches are awesome too!