ย "Stag-tastic"

Let’s face it, I’m unlikely to finishing tweeting the stag do, and seeing as it’s the wedding tomorrow, I’m just going to go for it here instead.

That said, I am going to post the tweets I did make, and I’ll see what’s left to say at the end!

  • Off to a stag do in Brighton this w/e. My first ‘real’ stag, even though hes actually penguin. (I concede my own was too dorksome to count).
    Wed Mar 11 2009 22:00:15
  • Also – made a serious tactical error re stag do. Given up snacks for Lent, but have 2×6 hr train journeys to survive. Oh for an indulgence.
    Thu Mar 12 2009 22:56:50
  • And so the stagtastic weekend begins. All packed up except for a few last minute things to through in when I get back at lunchtime.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 08:23:39
  • … Going to visit Sainsburys on the way in to pick up amusements for the train (I’m thinking bottled drinks and mags – no sweets sadly)
    Fri Mar 13 2009 08:24:17
  • … and then a 3 ‘o’ clock train to Leeds, on to London, then – finally – arrive in Brighton sometime next week.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 08:24:55
  • Indulgence – Empire, Amateur Photography, and New Scientist. I generally only get to read these on long solo journeys, so making the most.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 09:40:39
  • Indulgence wasn’t the name of a mag I bought, by the way.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 10:42:09
  • Not long now…
    Fri Mar 13 2009 12:28:35
  • Off to a slow start – took ages finishing off jobs at work, so going to need a quick turnaround.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 13:20:54
  • Phew. Home. Sensible thing to do is change and finishing packing. Or there’s twitter.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fri Mar 13 2009 14:00:48
  • So the journey begins. Feels like i’ve packed enough for about 3 weeks.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 14:44:03
  • Early result. Train no 1 on time.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 14:48:48
  • Stunning – on time into leeds. Time for a coffee.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 15:21:29
  • London train is ready and waiting. Now where’s coach B?
    Fri Mar 13 2009 15:27:44
  • Found my seat. B7 on the 15.40 to london if you want to say hello. chap opposite has burger king – v hungry now.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 15:38:02
  • Ho hum – raining outside. Wet walk at brighton i fear.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 16:13:42
  • New Scientist down. I’m sure it used to be longer. Coming into peterborough, and the rain’s stopped.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 16:51:23
  • Wow – so far so good. KX on time, 45 mins to do a short hop on the victoria line1
    Fri Mar 13 2009 17:46:23
  • The music from Harry Potter rises unbidden to mind as i walk along the platform. Can’t see any owls in cages though.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 17:50:04
  • Phew. Victoria line during friday evening rush hour. Worse with a huge backpack. I used to get v cross with people like me! …
    Fri Mar 13 2009 18:19:18
  • … also turns out viccy line is closed on sunday. a bit shocked that i had to refer to tube map to plan alternative route.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 18:21:35
  • … Looking at my ticket, the return is via london bridge – presumably for that reason? On incredibly posh train now (Gatwick express)…
    Fri Mar 13 2009 18:24:26
  • The normal seats look like 1st class. Several have checked with fellow travellers that we hadn’t strayed out of steerage by accident.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 18:27:46
  • There’s also a new free paper since my last visit – “The London Paper”. Does what it says on the tin. Sort of Metro-lite. Not bad actually.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 18:29:45
  • Stunning. Every train’s left on time. London also looks great at night, especially by the river.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 18:33:37
  • I noticed that they’ve installed video projectors on the tube platforms, that show ads on the opposite walls. Nice.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 19:12:55
  • So only 30 mins to go on the train. Reckon the hotel is about 20 mins walk from the station. Getting v hungry.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 19:15:28
  • So only 30 mins to go on the train. Reckon the hotel is about 20 mins walk from the station. Getting v hungry.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 19:15:28
  • Walk looks easy. Down to the seafront. Turn right. Could be famous last words, of course…
    Fri Mar 13 2009 19:20:16
  • This station is called hassocks! Sadly can’t update my location from the phone.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 19:32:05
  • J’arrive. Masses of police at the station for some reason. Found hotel and hooked up with the crew. Need food and water!
    Fri Mar 13 2009 20:18:42
  • Curry tonight it transpires… Good call.
    Fri Mar 13 2009 21:13:16
  • Good curry. 00.15 though. Yawn. Also almost drained my battery with all this internet and texting.
    Sat Mar 14 2009 00:14:25
  • 3am before got to sleep! In a room with groom; nattered about marriage, kids, self awareness, learning styles, friendship, relationships…
    Sat Mar 14 2009 07:58:01
  • Breakfast – check. Time for fun!
    Sat Mar 14 2009 09:28:09
  • Done quad bikes, axe throwing, archery, walk and shoot (With cool pellet guns). Managed some snaps too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sat Mar 14 2009 13:25:31
  • Late lunch at burger king (Pease Pottage services!). Back to hotel for shower and chill, then italian tonight.
    Sat Mar 14 2009 15:27:26
  • Quite tired now. Fancy a bath and a nap. Might settle for caffeine; depends on what everyone else is gonna do.
    Sat Mar 14 2009 15:39:07
  • Interesting mix of folk. Easy Jet pilot, GP, guy who built wembley stadium, chap over from canada, director of IT and the national theat …
    Sat Mar 14 2009 15:45:38

… at this point my phone battery went flat! No more updates, until…

  • Sorry about the interruption to service – mobile battery went flat. Safely back home; retrospective updates to follow.
    Sun Mar 15 2009 18:38:46
  • Feeling a bit better after c. 12 hours sleep.
    Mon Mar 16 2009 07:14:30
  • On stag w/e, phone ran out of juice while sat on brighton beach. Wife was cut off – had to find payphone so she didn’t assume the worst!
    Mon Mar 16 2009 13:20:59
  • … would have been a fair conclusion. Was disturbed by how little attention the stag attracted walking along in a grass skirt & handcuffs.
    Mon Mar 16 2009 13:24:28
  • The italian meal was v good. Bar afterwards wasn’t. club after that was awesome.
    Mon Mar 16 2009 13:26:12
  • So back to the weekend. The restaurant was Al Duomo. Nice place. I had an avocado and bacon salad, most others had pasta.
    Mon Mar 16 2009 20:09:50
  • Al Duomo was reasonably priced, and did a really nice drink in a jug: “Tuaca, ginger ale and fresh lime juice”. Really tasty and refeshing.
    Tue Mar 17 2009 14:18:44
  • The avocados in the salad were perfect ripe, and the bacon just the right level of crispy. Had to ask twice for chips, but they were busy.
    Tue Mar 17 2009 14:20:48
  • Everyone else’s dishes looked nice too. The calzone resembled a small mountain, and the tagliatelle was thick, creamy, and sumptuous
    Tue Mar 17 2009 14:21:52
  • I also came up with the premise of the novel I’m going to write one day. Not going to go into details, for obvious reasons.
    Tue Mar 17 2009 14:26:07

Wow – I tweeted more than I realised!

The club was The Funky Fish Club – a fantastic joint. Funk, soul, jazz, motown. Everyone was chilled, and there to have a good time. There wasn’t the “meat market” and bare breasts that seem to be the staple of most nightclubs these days – just a whole lot of people having fun and dancing. Was absolutely brill.

The journey home was actually funny, it was so bad. But I need to get off to bed, so I shall relive that particular joy another day!

Looking forward to the wedding!!!