Well, completed the upgrade to FC9. Wasn’t that painful actually – but I can now run Firefox 3, Adobe Air, and all that malarkey.

The painful bits were shifting from IMAPD to Dovecot (had to translate all my mail from MBX to mbox format – thank you “mailutils”), and I haven’t got to grips with SELinux at all.

In fact I’ve turned it off – it was stopping MySQl, spamassassin, an Apache from working, because I had all the relevant files hanging around from the last install, hence the file contexts are all wrong. The correct thing to do would be read up on SELinux, and understand what magic I need to weave… but frankly life’s too short.

Otherwise everything worked out the box. “yum upgrade” wanted 1.1Gb of downloads, but FC9 is a bit old now I guess.

Not noticed any particular difference in performance, and no doubt I will be finding all the things that are now missing over the coming weeks.