"Fruit Salad Game"

This game is completely random. You need at least 8 players, really.


  1. Count the number of players, and work out how many groups are need so that there are 3-5 players in each group.
  2. Choose a fruit for each group: e.g. with 10 players, you might have 3 groups; “bananas”, “apples”, and “grapes” (or whatever).
  3. All the players sit on chairs in a circle
  4. Allocate each player to a fruit group in turn. i.e. “banana”, “apple”, “grape”, “banana”, “apple”, and so on, going round the group.
  5. Get each group to stand up in turn, to make sure they know which fruit they are.
  6. Choose a “caller”

So now the game begins.

  1. The caller calls out a fruit. Say “Banana”.
  2. Every banana has to stand up, and swap places with another banana as quickly as possible.
  3. The caller then calls out another fruit (or perhaps the same one again).
  4. Alternatively the caller can shout “fruit salad” – everyone stands up, runs and madly screaming, and sits down again.

As far as I can tell there is no point to this game, but it’s always a big hit with the youth!