These are quite a good “getting to know you” games. There are many other variations.

2 true, 1 false

Give each person a sheet of paper. They must write their name on the top, then they must write three things about themselves, two of which are true, and one of which is made up.

Gather in all the sheets of paper, then for each person in turn, the group has to try and guess which of the three “facts” is not true. Feel free to get the story behind any particularly peculiar or interesting facts.

3 Facts

As a variation, ask each person to write down either 3 random facts about themselves, or alternatively the answers to three pre-canned questions (e.g. “favourite food”, “favourite music”).

Gather in all the sheets, and then go through each sheet reading out the answers/facts. The group then has to try and guess which person is being described by this sheet of paper.

Me in a nutshell

As a final variation, give every person in the group a piece of paper with the list of everyone’s name who’s present down the side. Each person then has 1 minute to think up a question (e.g. “When did you last brush your teeth”, “what is the bravest thing you’ve ever done”, “what colour are your socks”), and they then have 5 minutes to ask that question to everyone else in the group, writing the response down against that person’s name.

After 5 minutes, everyone comes back to the table. Then each person in turn has to stand up, while all the others should out the answers that person gave. So, for instance, Fred might stand up, and then various people would call out “Fred last brushed his teeth on Sunday”, “The bravest thing that Fred has ever done is pick up a spider” and “Fred is wearing green and pink socks”).