Well, I’ve taken the plunge and added the facility to comment on this ‘ere blog.

To be honest I’m not sure how robust it is. Although I have written a “mathma” that asks you to solve simple arithmetic to prove that you’re not a robot, which was fun.

I don’t yet have a nice webby way of removing or editing comments (I have to delve straight into the database), but I can switch them off if spammers come to visit. There’s e-mail notification (to me) of new posts, and in the future I will probably add e-mail updates to posters as comments are added to existing comments.

Comments are also not mirrored or backed-up just yet (another day’s project), so if the webserver dies, the comments will vanish. I will add this in to my daily database backup script in due course, and I might even do automatic mirroring every time a comment is left. We’ll see.

In the meantime, feel free to comment away!