Every New Year I try and do a little blog post about the year that’s past, and sometimes look forward to the one to come.

This year has been interesting precisely because it has been almost entirely boring!

No (family) births, deaths, or marriages (although Penguin’s wedding almost counts). No job or career changes. No moving (or plans to move). In fact, no major projects at all.

It has been a challenging year from a work perspective – what with the credit crunch, and A.’s work relocating to a new building. But in terms of Big Life picture nothing really happened.

I guess lots of little things happened. We had a lovely summer holiday in Northumberland, and No. 1 son has more or less learnt to swim and ride a bike this year. I’ve stepped back from the youth group, but started leading worship again.

To be honest, 2010 looks like more of the same.

If it was the rest of my life, I’d get a little bored – but for a year or two it’s very nice not to have any major changes!