I am fortunate enough to own a laptop. I inherited it from a friend many moons ago, who was more or less chucking it out. The screen is HUGE. The keyboard is full size. The battery life is 0 (have to run it off the mains), and the processor is a 600MHz 486 (!!!).

I must confess that it’s spent a large portion of my ownership of it sitting in it’s bag.

However, I’ve finally managed to find a wireless Access Point that works properly, and lets me WiFi from anywhere in the house, so I dug it out again. (That combined with the fact that my lady wife has started wanting to use the house computer in the evenings!) So I’m here in the kitchen typing away on the laptop.

It’s also my first excursion into Ubuntu-land (always been a Fedora man before this). I have to say Ubuntu is a nice distro. Pop the CD in, and it all “just works”. Even my ancient PCMCIA WiFi adapter with WPA is happily chatting to the AP.

So this may be the start of a bit more blogging. Or it may not. Either way I need to go and do the bottle thing for the baby, as I can hear squawks from on high!