As it’s now March, and my birthday approaches, I thought I’d take stock of where I am on my 2011 targets. This is my 8th ‘blog entry in 8 weeks, so I’m actually on track on that one. No climbing yet (although I’m thinking it’s going to happen soon).

Growing Leaders is going really well so far. Had two sessions (“Leadership Matters” and “Establishing Identity”), and the feedback I’ve had has so far been very positive. Best part is how the people on the course are being challenged by the material. It feels like we’ve almost settled down into the rhythm of the course now, and we’re starting to do some serious stuff.

Managed one cinema trip (“Tangled 3D”, with 2 seven year old boys!!). I think I had imagined films for me rather than kids, but I’ll take what I can get. Tangled was very good actually – hugely enjoyed it. I cried a bit near the end, when all the lanterns are floating up in the air, but I suspect the cause was actually over-tiredness and having a baby in hopsital. It really is a very emotional experience having a young child. He’s fine now, by the way!

We’ll skip over the weight part, as I haven’t dared weigh myself. I have been less then exemplerary in the snack department, and still using caffeine and calories as a substitute for sleep, and that combined with no climbing has not done my waist any favours.

Photos are looking more promising. The two top candidates at the moment are the Harrogate Advertiser (which periodically prints readers’ pictures), and Gardener’s World magazine (which prints them every month). The Advertiser was asking for Spring flower pictures this week, but I haven’t had time (or daylight) to do anything about it. The crocuses on the Stray are lovely.

Camping – not gonna happen for at least a couple of months.

Cooking. I did bombay potatoes tonight with our curry, but I’ve cooked those before, so it doesn’t count. Souffle still very much on the agenda.