"Linked in"

Right, have tidied up my ‘Links’ section over there to the left.

Now they are all fine and dandy and up to date. I’ve introduced a new “Photography” bit, ‘cos that’s what I’m into most at the mo, and culled some of the old “friends” links, and added some new ones.

If I know you and you have a blog, I would love to pop you on my list – drop me a line.

I obviously designed that part of the site when I was mad-keen on databases – it used to run from a couple of tables (“categories” and “links”). Coming back to it, I realise that anything other than a trivial update is a PITA. Better things to do with my time then to be writing SQL queries to update links, on both the mirror and live server. Yes, I know, I should do a funky sync thing..

Anyway, they are now pure PHP. Common-or-garden array of arrays. Job done (and easier to edit over SSH).

To save you the hassle of looking, it’s a big hello to Dr Baz (who I was at school with!!), and also Digital Photography School, which has some great tips and technique articles. The latter is also on twitter @digitalps. Come to that, so is the former @DrBazUK.