"Close, but no cigar"

One of the frustrating (although not in a bad way) things about the 365 project is the one-photo-per-day rule. I had the fortune to pop down to Cornwall for a few days last week, and ended up at the end of each day with several good (IMO!) candidates for that day’s picture. Only one allowed though.

Other days I’m having to go out and invent pictures in order to satisfy that day’s requirement.

While there is a strong temptation to ‘average out’ the photos, and use the 15 or so I took in Cornwall over the coming days, that would actually translate to a fortnight of not taking photos!

However I’m not willing to let the near misses go to waste either, so here are the ones that weren’t selected on the day they were taken, but which I would have been happy to use if I’d have been allowed!

Interestingly, there’s a shop called “Middleton’s” in Fowey. However it’s a sweet shop rather than party supplies!

Castle Drogo

Castle Drogo Castle Drogo Castle Drogo


Cotehele Quay Cotehele Cotehele


Calstock Calstock Calstock Calstock


Fowey Fowey Fowey Fowey Fowey Fowey BBQ! Fowey Fowey Fowey