Ha – bet the title made you think this was another photography entry! What’s that? It didn’t? Oh well.

It’s actually pretty well halfway through the year, so I thought I’d take stock over my resolutions and targets for 2011 (as first covered in this entry).

  • Climbing – absolutely dismal! Haven’t been since April, and it’s now going to be almost impossible to hit 20. Motivation is a weird thing – I love it when I get there, but can’t quite get my butt out of the door!
  • Blogging – on track here! 28/50 (including this one), and only halfway through the year.
  • Growing Leaders. Very much on track. Awesome course, and can’t believe there’s only 4 sessions left. God seems to really be using the material in the lives of everyone involved. Already looking forward to GL2012.
  • Cinema – slipping a bit here; no trips yet (that I can recall). Plenty of DVDs thanks to LoveFilm gift sub though.
  • Weight – on track (just!). 71.9kg at the last weigh in.
  • Photo. Submitted an entry to every DLSR Skills homework so far. I also submitted one to the Great Yorkshire Show competition (which didn’t make it past the first round), and submitted 4 to a local Church’s photo competition (judging in a couple of weeks). So this one’s nailed, but I’d love to see one in print too. Also 100% record on my 365 project.
  • Camping – not yet. Looking like a back garden jobbie over the summer hols.
  • Cooking – yup. Various new dishes including treacle tart, Mini-tiramisu cakes, and Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake. Have a pic of those last two:


    Still building up to a souffle!

All in all not too shoddy. I’m a bit disappointed about the climbing, and how that’s fallen off my agenda (again!), but I’m hugely enjoying photography, and (I think) my photos are improving too!