"Targets Update"

I got myself all geared up for a climb this evening, and got to the climbing wall, only to discover it closes at 8pm on Saturday. I thought it was open ’till 10pm. That’ll teach me for not checking (and being too lazy to go last night, when it was open ’till 10!)

Anyway, seeing as we’ve hit September, probably about time to take stock of how I’m doing. I’ve got an article brewing on my new toy (some camera extension tubes), but it requires a bit more time then I’ve got tonight, so it’s just a catch up instead.

  • Climbing – 4 times so far this year (would have been 5), and 17 weeks left of the year. So it’s possible to go once a week and still hit 20, but I won’t be betting the house on it..
  • Blogging – 30 / 50. So that’s now more than once a week for the rest of the year to hit target. Not so good.
  • Growing Leaders – yup, still looking good. Meet again in a couple of weeks, then only 2 after that. Mind you, next year’s is starting to loom large.
  • Cinema – still just the one (Entangled), but lining up a kids club trip with No. 1 son in October half-term.
  • Weight – rock solid at 71kg, and if anything drifting down.
  • Photos – Yes, and I won a prize (see previous post). Still 100% on my 365, pretty much a third of the way through.
  • Camping – YES, in the back garden over the summer. Was fun, but probably it for the year.
  • Cooking – still yes (but no souffle yet).

The cinema one is interesting. had I made it “films” or “DVD”s I’d have completely nailed it, thanks to a LoveFilm sub from my sis. The sub is up in a couple of weeks, but there’s been some crackers (and turkeys). Here’s what I’ve seen:

  • The Queen – Excellent.
  • Avatar – Excellent.
  • Priceless – OK
  • He’s Just Not That Into You – OK
  • Almost Famous – Good.
  • Twilight – OK (expected better).
  • Toy Story 3 – Very very good.
  • Inception – Very good.
  • Red – Brilliant
  • Source Code – Don’t know yet, but recommended by our ex-babysitter!

I think I’ve got one more rental (after Source Code) before my time is up, and there’s some belters (I hope) on my list.

Upon reflection, this may explain why my blogging has been poor – I’ve been watching films instead!