"Jenson Button"

I didn’t meet Jenson Button today.

In and of itself this is not, perhaps, unusual. After all, I haven’t met him (or any other Formula 1 driver) for the previous 37.5 years. I didn’t take his photo today either.

This could be the start of a long and almost endless list of famous people I haven’t met or photographed on a given day, but I guess that might grow dull. So worry not – while it’s true that today I neither met nor photographed JB, I was within about 10m of him, and was prevented from acheiving my goals by a limited lunchbreak, and two bouncers who I didn’t have the guts to try and blag my way past!

It’s actually a bit annoying – he was meeting and greeting the great unwashed at about 11.30, and then again just after 1, and I was there from 12.00 – 12.45 or so. Ho hum.

He was attending the opening of a new restaurant in Harrogate, called Victus – full story on Harrogate News.

I say I didn’t photograph him – I actually think I did..

Jenson Button

There was also quote a good turnout:

The Crowd

Stray FM and two people who I know(ish) were also there. Ian Chamberlain (of Chamberlains of Harrogate) got this cracker, which he has kindly let me share:

Jenson, by Ian Chamberlain

And JM Harrogate Blog got the scoop and some pics of JB arriving.

Stray FM also managed to get inside and get pictures of the man himself serving up some nosh.