"41 Sleeps…"

While I’m not mad about the whole “x sleeps” thing that seems to have taken hold, inevitably at this time of year thoughts turn to Advent and Christmas (and it’s only 36 sleeps to that great celebration).

However, I still have 41 days to try and achieve my ambitions for 2011. One is now basically impossible (climbing), others are well and truly in the bag. A few more have a final little sprint..

But enough waffle, here are the scores!

  • Climbing. Failed. 5/20 times this year. Actually quite disappointed by this – I thought this would be year I get back into climbing in a big way, and get my fitness and technique back up to (almost) where it used to be. Still, might try and squeeze in another 2 before 2012.
  • Blogging. On track. 46/50 entries (with this one), so just one a week will nail it.
  • Growing Leaders. On Track. Last meeting will be this week, so pretty much there. I might put up some of the feedback, because it has been an awesome course that God seems to have used.
  • Cinema. Achieved. Caught The Smurfs over half-term. Entangled and The Smurfs are not my usual cinema fare, but I’ll take what I can get!
  • Weight. On Track. Not weighed myself that recently, but end of October was 69kg.
  • Photos. Achieved. Submitted photos to 2 competitions (and won one!), plus 194/366ths of the way through my 365. Also had a photo printed in the local paper (but unattributed, sadly).
  • Camping. Achieved – just the once in the back garden, but I’ll take that.
  • Cooking. Achieved – I’ll submit Mini tiramisu cakes and Treacle Tart as my two new dishes.

At the time I acknowledged it wasn’t a very ambitious list, although I am disappointed I couldn’t manage to climb twice a month.

I’ve felt that having ambitions is a far more positive thing then resolutions, and I believe I shall continue in 2012.