"Hell of a week"

Well, few weeks actually.

My Mum had a stroke 3 weeks ago, and while she is making a reasonable recovery, still can’t speak (and may never again), and has limited movement down her right side. With her being so far away, it makes it difficult.

The younger boy had Chickenpox before Easter, followed by a tummy bug afterwards. The elder managed to catch head lice from somewhere, and then got the tummy bug, and the younger appears to have forgotten how to sleep through the night. We reckon we’ve probably also had it, but thankfully it’s impact has been limited to discomfort.

More positively, the weather hasn’t been too bad, I’ve finally launched with WordPress (and the RSS feed is working, by the way). Shifting around our working and childcare patterns seems to be working really well (although various bits of time off and Bank Holidays have made it an unusual period anyway). Still enjoying my photography – only 22 more photos to go, and I’m a third of way through the DSLR skills course again.

In fact, as special treat, here is the first picture I submitted as homework (brief was “black and white”).