I love getting comments on my site, and getting some discussions going. I know I have a couple of friends who read this ‘blog (or who did, anyway), and I have also had several “out of the blue” comments and e-mails to certain posts. I am still very sorry that these historic comments are currently in limbo – it is still my intention to migrate them.

That said, since moving to WordPress, and doing the “advertise” thing, I’ve suddenly started getting spam comments – something I’ve never had before.

Just so it’s clear; my policy is to moderate all comments that are left, to ensure they are not offensive and fit with the spirit of this site. I will only approve genuine comments – that is comments that seem to be to have been written by a human and have some relevance to the post to which they are attributed.

I will not edit any that are left – it’s “all or nothing” – and constructive criticism and disagreement is welcomed, as long as it’s civil!

I get e-mailled when a comment is left, and aim to approve all comments within a day at most. People I know and who comment regularly will get flagged to be able to post without moderation, incidentally.