"Home Straight"

Unbelievably I’m in the last week of my 365 project.

While I haven’t reached a final conclusion, it’s hard to imagine stopping taking a photo every day – I certainly haven’t run out of inspiration. The opposite really; there are still masses of types of photos I want to take, and there is significant room for improvement in my landscapes, portraits, and wildlife.

I plan to do some analysis of the sort of pictures I’ve taken over the last year. I reckon my photography has improved technically, and I’ve certainly tried things I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

I think the biggest changes have been in my “eye” (in terms of seeing pictures), and in my creativity though. I also understand my camera better than ever before, and am very comfortable switching between the modes to achieve my ends, and using the flash. I haven’t fully got to grips with RAW or White Balance – the first because I can’t be bothered to add another step to my workflow, the second because I fix it up Paint Shop afterwards.

I’m also about to submit my entry for this year’s photo competition at St Robert’s. I won last year with my “Drop in time”, and hope to make it two in a row with my “Window of the Soul”.