"That’s amore"

There was quite a funny little exchange on Twitter a few weeks back, when Catherine Fox mentioned the Dean Martin song That’s Amore (you know – “when the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore”). This launched a series of alternative lines, which I thought were worth collating. You may beg to differ!

Sorry they aren’t formatted properly – writing this on the WordPress Android app, and it’s too painful to try and do the tweet magic.

  • Chris Upton @Turkeyplucker When an eel bites your thigh and you think you might die, that’s a moray.
  • Jeremy Parsons @jdap When your fav’rite main course has a nice cheesy sauce, that’s a mornay
  • Catherine Fox @FictionFox When you’re prancing in France a traditional dance, that’s a bourree.
  • Catherine Fox @FictionFox When your MP is posh and he’s got loads of dosh, he’s a Toray.
  • Catherine Fox @FictionFox When your soft fruit is pulped so it’s easily gulped, that’s a puree.
  • Stephen M Day @therevsteve  Dolly Suite or Cantique, Requiem magnifique, it’s a Fauré
  • Neil Bower @icycleboy When one tweet’s far too long & it’s all gone quite wrong, that’s a bore-hey?
  • Richard Bateman @richardgbateman When you hear English folk by a Macclesfield bloke, that’s Jim Moray.