Four and a half months into 2013, and I thought now was a good time to take stock.

    • Continue climbing regularly, 10 times over the year, and improve by a grade (to 6b+, think)
      – Pretty good so far, 4 times this year. The significant thing here is that I’ve learnt how to lead climb! I also have a fingerboard to attempt some training.
    • Take a photo got every day
      – Yup.
    • Go to the cinema
      – Not yet, but holding out for the new Star Trek in the next week or two…
    • Go camping
        – Not yet – probably summer holidays.
    • Cook something I’ve never cooked before
      – Yup – Jamie’s Lamb pot-roast. I’m still holding out for something a bit more dramatic though.
    • Go to Spring Harvest (yay)
      – Yes indeed – fantastic time.
    • Maintain weight at around 72kg
      – Moving  swiftly on.
    • Pray and read the bible every day
      – More or less.
    • Put my boys to bed every evening
      – Pretty much.
    • Complete a Times crossword (electronic aids allowed)
      – YES! I can no normally finish them, giving long enough.
    • Continue blogging and twitter-ing (20 blog posts)
      – Not so good. Blogging definitely down.
    • Take C# and HTML5 MS exams (towards the new MCSD qualification)
      – HTML5 qualification in the bag. C# hopefully in a few months.

    All in all not a bad stab so far. Could do with blogging a bit more, and losing some weight, but otherwise pretty much on target.