So I’m off to Amsterdam tomorrow, for a work meeting all day Thursday. I’ve been acting cool about it at work, but I’m actually as giddy as a kitten. I’ve been to Schipol a few times in transit, although the last time I was there it wasn’t in transit when it should have been, but that was my Boston adventure back in 2006/7. I’m not particularly giddy about the meeting, but I love travelling and flying, and don’t do it much these days.

The meaning itself is actually outside Amsterdam, pretty close to Delft / The Hague, but my geography of that part of the world is pretty poor.

Anyway, one result of an all day meeting is that my colleague and I have to go over the afternoon before, which means we should be able to jump on the train into the city itself for our evening meal. Last time I was there it was a cold drab January, so I’m hopeful that a sunny June evening will be a different story altogether.

If the hotel has wifi I might blog from there!