Well, only 14 days to go, so I think I’ll review how I’ve done this year now!

  • Continue climbing regularly, 10 times over the year, and improve by a grade (to 6b+, think)✔ ✘
    Both a tick and a cross! I only managed 8 times according to my climbing log, but I did manage a 6b+, and started lead climbing.
  • Take a photo got every day – ✘
    I managed it up to the start of October, at which point I made the decision to stop the 365 project and just continue on an ad-hoc basis. I’ve posted 37 photos in the 78 days since then, so just under every other day – my aim is probably a couple a week.
  • Go to the cinema – ✔
    YES – and for me! I went to see Despicable Me 2 on Odeon Kids, but also Gravity and Star Trek Into Darkness – both awesome films. I really want to see Catching Fire, but I think this will have to wait.
  • Go camping – ✔
    YES – in the back garden with the boy, over the summer.
  • Cook something I’ve never cooked before.– ✔
    YES – two offerings are Jamie’s Lamb Pot-Roast, but also Mary Berry’s Apricot and Almond Meringue Gâteau (nom nom nom).
  • Go to Spring Harvest (yay) – ✔
    Oh yeah. I’d missed this so much.
  • Maintain weight at around 72kg – ✘
    That’s a big fat no! (literally). Last time I weighed myself I was pushing 78kg, but that was a couple of months ago, and before Christmas snacking kicked in. Ho hum.
  • Pray and read the bible every day – ✔
    .. ok, so maybe not every day, but to within acceptible error margins.
  • Put my boys to bed every evening – ✔
    As above.
  • Complete a Times crossword (electronic aids allowed) – ✔
    YES! Dead chuffed by this one. I’d got to the stage where I was fairly regularly managing to complete them (in several hours, with electronic aids and Chambers), and only rarely not understanding the answer when I saw it. I haven’t attempted once since the summer though, so I suspect I’ve rusted.
  • Continue blogging and twitter-ing (20 blog posts) – ✔
    Yes – I didn’t think I’d posted that much, but this will be my 21st Post. My tweetrate has defintely dropped (and my tweetrate calculator has broken too, it seems.)
  • Take C# and HTML5 MS exams (towards the new MCSD qualification) ✔ ✘
    Did the HTML5 one.