As has been my wont in recent times, I like to list a list of ambitions for the coming year. I’m initially focussing on maintaining rather than improving this year!

So, this year, my ambitions are:

  • Devise a pocket money system.
  • Go climbing at least 8 times, and either manage another 6b+ top rope, or advance to 6a+ leading
  • Continue photography – post at least 100 photos across the year, no less than one a week, no more than one a day, including some on my photography hit list.
  • Go to the cinema at least once in my own right.
  • See “Catching Fire”
  • Continue blogging – at least 20 posts in 2014.
  • Write a JavaScript “Roast App”, where you put it in the target time and joint weight, and it will tell you what to do when.
  • Fix my TweetRate calculator to work with v1.1
  • Improve our hospitality, specifically having people round for meals more.
  • Do something cool for my 40th birthday.

In addition, my ongoing “rocks”

  • “Date” night once a week with the missus.
  • Put the boys to bed every night.
  • Pray and read the bible every day.
  • Have some form of spritual retreat.
  • Have some form of family holiday.
  • See extended family.