The second idea for child-friendly prayer/worship was from CBBC’s Art Ninja program(!), specifically The Day of the Bug episode (although I’m guessing the iPlayer link will expire in a week or so).

It needs a little bit of organisation and time – but the basic idea is that you create a large (A4 or A3) picture of your fingerprint, with the prayer bit being that we’re each special and uniquely made by God, so all the fingerprints are different. It is a two-stage process (especially with lots of children), so is probably best done either over two days/sessions, depending on your context.

You will need:

  • An inkpad
  • A piece of paper per person
  • A photocopier, or scanner and computer and A4/A3 printer
  • PVA Glue and glittter
  • (optional) cardboard picture frame slightly bigger than A4 or A3
  1. You start by taking a fingerprint of each person, using an ink-pad and paper (remember to name/label each one!)
  2. Then blow this up, using a photocopier or scanner/printer, until it nearly fills an A4 (or A3) sheet. Again remember to label each one.
  3. Now, carefully paint PVA glue over the blown-up fingerprint lines.
  4. Then cover the whole page in glitter, so the PVA glue is covered.
  5. If using a picture frame, when the PVA is dried, frame it!

Once they’re framed, you can display them all, and use them as a celebration of how we’re made!