"My Ties"

Slightly unintentionally I have built up a collection of “meaningful” ties, principally from my almae matres. I didn’t really set out to do it, but now I have started doing it I am always on the look out for opportunities to get a tie which represents something.

I’ve put them on my 365, but thought it would be fun to collate to a single post.

School Tie

Kicking off with my old school tie (which is horrible, and I haven’t worn since the 5th year – and I have also photoshopped out the burn mark I made in it one chemistry lesson!)

House Half Colours

My school also had a house system (a bit like Hogwarts), and awards were giving to those who contributed to the life of the House or School (representing in sporting events, mainly). These were called “colours”, and translated into a special tie you could wear!

I was pretty rubbish at sport, but I did something or other to merit being awarded half-colours. I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn this since school, but it is just about passable.

Imperial College Tie

My degree was from Imperial College, and this is the college tie.

This is possibly my favourite tie, and one I have actually worn as a tie on various occasions.

ICU Social Colours

I am most proud of this tie, and I needed to prove my eligibility to buy it!

While I was at Imperial, I was the radio Station Manager for a year, and in recognition of nearly failing my degree that year I was awarded Social Colours by the Student’s Union.

University of Leeds

I did my docorate at the University of Leeds.

Having a PhD does allow you to wear an academic hood, but at more than £100 to buy one, I thought the tie was not only a more economic option, but one I might actually wear. It’s the standard Leeds tie.

University of Durham

My ordination training at St Hild college culminated in a BA which was technically awarded by the University of Durham.

I also think this tie is really smart, and I have worn it in anger.


My latest addition (which only arrived this morning).

Turns out that there is a tie which commemorates being a Chartered Engineer, and this is what it looks like!