Well, the radio silence since May has been for a number of reasons, a large aspect of which was some infrastructure work behind the scenes.

I manage to b0rk the pi which hosts this website, but rather than spending ages recreating all the websites, database, config, etc. I decided to put everything into Docker containers, so they can, in theory, be deployed anywhere, and should have a very rapid restore time if anything breaks. All the config files are in source control.

So each of my sites running on this host is now in its own Docker container, with an nginx running in front and doing the SSL termination and routing. Even more excitingly, this blog is now running on static HTML generated in nextjs, with a headless WordPress behind the scenes supplying some of the content.

I only switched www.eutony.net over this afternoon, and I’m not sure how long it will take new posts to appear, so it’s quite exciting really!!