Well, 2022 was even worse for us than 2021 – once again as reflected by my social media presence (or lack thereof).

However, one of the habits that has emerged for us as a family is our “Good Things” jar – where each week we take a slip of paper, and write on it all the good things from that week, and put it in the jar. This evening (on New Years’ Eve) we are going to open it and read through all the Good Things which have happened this year together.

So in that spirit, here are some Good Things from 2022:

  • I became a STEM ambassador, and did a careers fair at Skipton Girls’ School.
  • I became professionally registered, and am now a Chartered Engineer (MBCS).
  • I had an article on Wordle published in Overload.
  • I joined the committee of the Harrogate School of Theology & Mission.
  • I completed Couch to 5k (although I am now back to couch!).
  • I got going on Mastodon as @[email protected]
  • I migrated my websites to Docker and nginx, and this blog to nextjs.
  • I preached some of my best sermons yet, and led worship at the new evening service.

More widely in my family:

  • My elder son passed his driving test, did brilliantly at his A-Levels, got grade 8 piano, all but finished his gold DofE, and successfully started at University.
  • My younger son finished primary school and successfully started secondary school, got grade 4 drums, and discovered Warhammer.
  • My work (JBA Consulting) has been a great place to work, and also hugely supportive when I’ve had to change plans at short notice.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but I give thanks for the Good Things and blessings, and continue to hope and pray for a light to shine in the areas that are still dark.