As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve migrated this website over to nextjs. There is a headless WordPress installation behind it still, but the pages are now pre-rendered and served statically, including pre-loading, so navigation around should be blazing fast.

The pages which aren’t pre-rendered are the archive and search pages, which are rendered server-side on demand, with infinite scroll. You’ll notice a few seconds load time for these, which is a reflection of the hardware this is running on.

There are were some bits and which didn’t quite work properly yet in this brave new world:

  1. The formatting is iffy – in paticular the paragraph spacing, and blockquotes (done)
  2. Easy Table doesn’t work (done)
  3. Front page needs paging (done)
  4. Mastodon auto-post should include an excerpt (done)

Turns out there were all pretty easy to fix, plus very straightforward to pre-render the first ‘page’ of an infinite scroll, then load the rest as one scrolls down.

** Updated 1/1/23 **