Just a very quick website update.

When I first migrated to using next.js as my front-end, I used the WPGraphQL plugin to fetch data from WordPress.

GraphQL is really nice – especially the facility to tailor queries and include related data – but on WordPress it seems really slow. Obviously I am running WordPress on massively underpowered hardware, but it was taking 30-40 minutes to statically build the site, and maybe 10+ seconds to return dynamic pages, such as search results.

So, I’ve got rid of WPGraphQL, and am now using the standard REST API (with some extensions). The static build is down to about 10 minutes, and search results are back in ~4 seconds (still slow, but acceptable).

One side effect is that I’ve had to change how the paging works, so it’s a more traditional Page 1 of 10 type approach, which a page navigation at the bottom. New pages load in about 2-3 seconds, which is ok.

I’ve also finally removed my custom theme and related plugins from the back end, which should have also sped things up a bit.

I’m also re-working the categories and tags, as they’re a bit of a mess at the mo, but with 800 odd posts to review it may take a while!