2004 is shaping up to be a year of change.

We’re not planning any major life changes, but there are quite a few things which have, or will be changing this year:

  • Our boys have swapped bedrooms
  • .. and with that will come a redecoration in due course
  • We now have a pet snake (Jafar)(!)
  • We are replacing our ICE car with an electric one
  • We’re going to switch away from Virgin Media
  • .. and with that to FTTH broadband, and VOIP home phone
  • I’m planning to get a tattoo for the 50th(!!)
  • .. and hopefully taking up bass guitar.
  • We may (finally) knock down our garage, with it’s bulging walls and asbestos roof
  • I’ve ordered a 2nd hand negative scanner, to digitise all my old photos