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Thu Oct 08 2015

Virgin Media just keep on increasing their lowest tier of broadband, at least in this area. This time last year, we have 20Mbps, which was boosted to 50Mbps, and has just been bosted again to 75Mbps. My LAN only runs at 100Mbps! I’m a panelist for broadband speed monitoring, and I quite like the profile […]

So far in my ordination training, the vast majority of assessed work has been via a written essay, usually of 2,500 words. UPDATE: By the look of this year’s handbook, the citation rules have changed, and we are allowed to use the altogether more sensible Harvard referencing system. The styling also seems a lot more […]

Sat Aug 15 2015

Right – hopefully that’s everything back up and running again! The hack didn’t affect my customised theme (and I’ve restored a clean version from my source-control anyway). I suspect there will be little dark corners that don’t quite work, but the site is looking much like I would expect it to.

Fri Aug 14 2015

My WordPress site apparently got hacked while I was away on holiday (which is why the site went down). I’ve done a fresh installation, but am not going to copy the theme customisations across just yet until I have a chance to make sure nothing’s been compromised!

Tue Jun 16 2015

It’s been interesting to see the reaction to Tim Hunt’s widely publicised comments regarding girls (i.e. women) in a science lab: “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when […]

Fri Apr 17 2015

For a while I have run a second website at, but since starting on the whole ordination journey I have run out of time and energy to keep it up. However, there’s some good stuff on there (at least I think it is!), so I’m going to move all the posts across from there […]

Well, that’s the end of the Christmas Cake, mince pies, and other festive fayre. Menu back to normal next week. (Fri Jan 03 08:17:50) CBeebies HD. Really? (Fri Jan 03 09:05:24) Bit of liturgical confusion at church this morning. One person thought Epiphany was today, another thought twelve night was tomorrow! (Sun Jan 05 21:30:49) […]

Well, 2014 was one heck of a year for us. I’m not too sad it’s over, to be honest. The two big hitters of the year were the death of my Mum back in April (and everything leading up to it, and following it), and being recommended for ordination training (again), but this time actually […]

Well, just 4 days left of 2014 – seems like a reasonable point at which to have a look back over the year, and in particular how I did against my “hit list” which I posted way back in January. Pocket Money – YES. System worked well. Climbing – Not so good. Only 6 climbs, […]

Just realised that I put the photos on my photo website, but never wrote the blog! This is my effort at the younger sons birthday cake this year. Pretty chuffed, to be honest. See bigger pictures at