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Sat Oct 08 2011

I’ve been really struck by Playing for Change. Obviously I love the music, and the use of technology is extraordinary. As a complete distraction, it slightly reminds me of Dan Rider’s awesome Dr Who theme on YouTube. Anyway, back to the point – here’s a song that’s been recorded over 4 years (or something) and 3 continents, with something like 35 street musicians – who have never met one another. It’s a single tune woven together over time and space (oo there’s Dr Who again) in a coherent whole, and only the final contributer gets to hear how their contribution […]

Sat Oct 08 2011

Heard half an interview with someone on Radio 4, who was talking about a Producer called Mark Johnson who was walking down the street in Santa Monica, and heard a busker playing Stand by me, which launched a global project recording street musicians all around the world playing said song. It sounded interesting – I love that song – and the mental image it conjured was of lots of diffent interpretations of the song around the world. So “this is what Stand By Me sounds like in Russia” (or whatever) kind of thing. So I googled, and it turns out […]

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