Well, I’ve just realised I haven’t done my 2010 review.

At the start of the year I thought 2010 was going to be almost entirely boring – like 2009. Well, I was certainly wrong about that. Way over and above anything else, as I wrote it the wheels were in motion for the arrival of number 2 son (not that we knew that at the time). But we also went to 2 major birthday parties (a 70th and a 90th), and my sister-in-law got married. Throw a tenth wedding anniversary in the mix, and all in all you’ve got a pretty eventful year.

On the other hand, none of us have moved house, school, or jobs in 3 years now, which makes a happy change. In fact, depending on how you count it, I have been in my current job for the longest I have ever done any job (I worked for around 7 years for the University of Leeds, but that was technically doing 3 different jobs).

And somehow we now have a seven year old (when did that happen?), and a 3-month old baby.

I took up climbing again (although a nasty sprain followed by the arrival of a baby limited it to the first half of the year), and – astonishingly – dropped from 81kg to 72kg over the course of the year. I think the reality of hauling myself up a rockface carrying 10 more bags of sugar than I used to was the final spur to me taking a diet seriously. Climbing is akin to a spiritual exercise for me, but I’ll write about that another time. Anyway, a big nod to the Harrogate climbing centre.

2010 has been the year of Twitter for me. In 2009 I discovered it, and 2010 saw me throw myself into it, hook, line, and sinker. It has definitely replaced Facebook as my social media outlet of choice (but I still love FB photos, and FB remains the best way for me to keep tabs on folk). My pet project this year was writing a weatherbot, which taught me a lot about REST and OAUTH – and my ‘bot is far more popular then me!!!

Anyway, if you’ll forgive me a piece of shameless self-indulgence, I’m going to round off with some of my own favourite tweets from 2010:

  • Happy New Year to all and sundry. May 2010 be full of (nice) surprises and blessings. [31 Dec 09]
  • It’s a snow day today. Not for me, unfortunately – as the 2 mile walk would take some serious snow to disrupt it. [5 Jan]
  • Has successfully transformed his drive from 6″ of snow on top of 1″ of ice into merely 1″ of ice. Not convinced this has

    improved matters. [6 Jan]

  • In the dog house after the video ran out 10 minutes before the film did. [9 Jan]
  • Sometimes it’s hard to know how honest to be. When asked to do something ridiculous and patronising, does one just laugh and

    get on with it? [2 Feb]

  • Had a great climb yesterday at the new hgt centre. First climb since May (!), and struggled on the 5+, but good to get back in

    the harness. [22 Feb]

  • Little human visitor at 02.30. “Just so you know, the yellow towel has fallen down again” [23 Feb]
  • Should I be disturbed that my weather robot has as many followers as me? [23 Feb]
  • Been married for 120 months (give or take a few hours). Very exciting and romantic weekend lined up to celebrate. [26 Feb]
  • James’s top tip: To make a TCP connection to a SQL Server instance, TCP needs to be enabled on the SQL server instance. [3 Mar]
  • Great quote from me boy. Me: “We’re not fussy, are we?”. Him: “No – only about things we don’t like” [7 Mar]
  • The problem with cycling to the climbing wall is that on the way back I can no longer operate the brakes. #pumped [10 Mar]

  • Is 100 today!!! (in base 6, anyway). Or Pi/5 in degrees if you’re more geometrically minded. [17 Mar]
  • How old do you have to be before you’re allowed to admit that you actually quite like radio 4? [17 Mar]
  • Interesting shuffle on the MP3 just now: “Young Girl”, “Don’t stand so close to me”. “does your mother know”. Hidden message? [19 Mar]
  • Neighbours are mowing the lawn. Through the double glazing it sounds just like the Tardis! [9 Apr]
  • If you’d have asked me the reason a flight might be late, a volcanic ash cloud from Iceland would not be my first guess. [15 Apr]
  • The missus comes into study this morning, sees me on TweetDeck and rolls her eyes – “you’re on twitbook again”. [22 Apr]
  • Put on clean shirt. Threw orange juice down it. Wonder if this is the shape of today? [26 Apr]
  • Not everyday you go to the shops with a plastic dragon in your pocket, in order to colour match a tie. (It was Gronkle, before you ask). [26 Apr]
  • Made it through the Orange Juice this morning without incident. Now if I can only navigate the coffee, I’ll be set. [27 Apr]
  • Was about to go to Sainsburys. then I relalised I’d left my wallet at home. diet fail failed. 🙂 [4 May]
  • There are two “James”s at my workplace. There is a plan afoot to refer to me as “The Doctor” instead. 🙂 [7 May]
  • Fab quote from the confirmation service. Bishop in full regalia. Little girl comments “Who’s the wizard?” [11 May]
  • Created a folder called “Nature”. Dragged some photos into it. Was asked “Move to Nature?”. Nice thought. [17 May]
  • Work curry night on Thursday. Curiously we’re not going to the curry house whose owners have just been convicted of human trafficking. [18 May]
  • Yay – Eurovision AND ironing. Could Saturday evening be any better? [29 May]
  • Fab day lined up tomorrow – if all goes well a picnic and a barbie by the Wharf. (the river, not the Klingon – although that would be cool) [30 May]
  • I already have more followees then I can keep up with, so I’m not going to tag #DuncansDream. Oh, hang on… [6 Jun]
  • Right – I’m off to torture a lobster. H’mm – that sounds like a dodgy euphemism, doesn’t it? [16 Jun]
  • Just got a huge shock – saw a strange man lurking outside the kitchen. Then I realised it was my reflection in the window. [5 Jul]
  • Well, climbing session cut short. Turns out landing on your ankle is a Bad Idea even when there’s a 3ft crash mat. 🙁 [15 Jul]
  • Starting to wonder if a trip to casualty might be on the cards. I appear to have a purple balloon inside my ankle. [16 Jul]
  • Friday evening. At casualty. It’s like being a youth group leader again. [16 Jul]
  • Mixed feelings about my last Sunday morning gig tomorrow. Main one is pain thanks to my purple ankle! 🙂 [17 Jul]
  • Well that’s it. No longer a worship leader (for the 2nd time). Gig was more than a fizzle than a bang, but as we sang it’s not about me!! [18 Jul]
  • Reading Luke. Struck again that Jesus’ harshest words were for people like me (i.e. regular church goers, trying to follow God’s word) [20 Jul]
  • Sometimes being on Twitter is like living “I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue” [22 Jul]
  • I love packing for a British beach holiday. Buckets and spades, towels, wind break, flasks, jumpers, waterproofs, tarpaulin… [23 Jul]
  • Half a tooth fell out this morning. Hope I get a visit from the fai. [15 Aug]
  • Really shouldn’t be going out to the cinema on a school night, but the lure of Cruise and Cameron is just too strong… [18 Aug]
  • Fri 13th was a week late. aircon in server room failed, code update a screaming nightmare, and… the missus set fire to the kitchen! [20 Aug]
  • After many many months of the hot tap on the bathroom sink not working, I’m still surprised when I turn it and nothing happens. [29 Aug]
  • Well, now only 3 weeks ’till the expected pitter-patter of tiny feet. Or, more accurately, the disproportionately loud crying of tiny lungs. [2 Sep]
  • Turns out my baby’s dancing was due to the moonlight. #rockRetractions [16 Sep]
  • Fell over on walk to school. Too tired to coordinate legs. [4 Oct]
  • Lawn mowed. Grass cuttings successfully deposited on bathroom floor as I forgot to take my shoes off. [7 Oct]
  • To sleep, or not to sleep – that is the question? Whether ’tis nobler of mind to suffer the screams and wails of hungry baby… [24 Oct]
  • Just invented a new term – “Heisenbug: A software error that only shows when you’re not looking for it” [9 Nov]
  • Work colleague was surprised Mrs H & I hadn’t had an evening out for 7 weeks. Even before the baby we didn’t go out every 7 weeks! 🙂 [16 Nov]
  • ARRGGGHH – Dandelion & Burdock explosion all over my desk and keyboard!! Rest of today’s software development going to be somewhat sticky. [1 Dec]
  • Happy Christmas one and all. Join in celebrating the birth of the Light of the world! [25 Dec]