All in all a most satisfactory ending to Torchwood Miracle Day. Unlike the end of Children of the Earth, they couldn’t be shouting Next Season more clearly.

So, the important bit – how were my predications?

  • Jack gets immortality back, and death returns to everyone else.
    Pretty close. I really didn’t see Matheson coming, although I did start to wonder after he was shot by Charlotte.
  • Gwen, Rhys and Anwen all make it through.
  • There’s no cross-over with Dr Who (although I wouldn’t completely write off River Song or Martha Jones).
  • Kitzinger is going to come to a sticky end.
    Surpisingly not. Watch this space, I guess.
  • … as is Danes,
    Oh yes.
  • … probably Matheson too,
    Somewhere between half-right and couldn’t be more wrong.
  • … but probably not Esther.
    Again, surprisingly she didn’t make it.
  • At least 1 further character will be introduced to further the plot, then killed off after 1 episode (the assassin, the Colasantos)
    Charlotte’s possibly in this category, as is the woman family member in Shanghai. I didn’t really realise it was the penultimate episode when I predicted this one.
  • Aliens are involved.
    Not really.
  • Time travel won’t be involved.

Overall, I’d have to call that a pretty poor showing. I’m unconvinced by the Matheson immortality thing. We know that Jack is immortal because he was brought back to life by the time vortex. It seems unlikely that this attribute could be transferred to someone else by a blood transfusion, or even blood replacement. It’s an interesting concept though, and I wonder if the effect is temporary or as permanent as Jacks?

Oh yes, and I’ve worked out what the next spin-off will be called:
21st September 2011 - "Spin Off"