"365 (on the move again)"

Pays to do your research.

Turns out flickr only hosts 200 photos for free, which is clearly a limitation if you’re doing a 365 project!

While I’m only on No. 138, I wanted to sort something out before I got near 200 and started not being able to see the pics, so I’ve moved all the photos off flickr and on to my own website, on 34sp.

The new place to look is photo.eutony.net/365, and I will probably move all my blog photos over there too.

I got maybe 10% of the way through writing my own photo hosting webpages, and then decided I didn’t have the time or enthuiasm to do it all from scratch, so it’s powered by Gallery. I’m in the process of creating a eutony.net theme for it, so it fits in a bit better with the rest of this site, but for now it’s the default.

Of course, all my 365 pictures are also on 365project.org/eutony still, and that site offers a month by month calendar view, in case that’s more your thing!

(It also means I can automatically put the latest one on the front page on my website, which is nice.)