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Well – it has taken some time (and partially explains the lack of posts), but I think I’ve got my personal websites set up “just so” now. The core engine is still WordPress, which is running headless to provide all the content to the front-end. I use WordPress admin to manage the site, write posts, […]

Fri Jan 20 2023

Turns out #chatgpt isn’t great at telling jokes… “Give me ten examples of Dad jokes.” What did the dad say when his kids asked him for money? “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.” Why was the dad’s belt arrested? For holding up his pants! Why don’t dads ever have any money? Because they always […]

So, learnt something today. With nextjs “getInitialProps” will run server-side when the page first loads, but then run client-side on reloads (i.e. if you navigate back to it). This means my website breaks if you go “back” to a search results page, as it tries to hit the headless WordPress back-end – which it can’t. […]

Sun Jan 01 2023

I saw a post on Mastodon this morning about the futility of making resolutions for an arbitrary 365 day period. This didn’t sit quite right with me, so I pondered it for a while and realised what my objection is. I don’t really mind the notion that resolutions are futile (back in 2011 I moved […]

Sat Dec 31 2022

Right – so if everything is working properly, this should get posted to Mastodon and Twitter, with a short excerpt shown at both. There’s always an inherent danger with calling something “Final” – I fairly regularly see documents circulated with “UpdatedFinal” or “FinalV2”. As always, there’s an xkcd along these lines:

Sat Dec 31 2022

Ignore please.

Sat Dec 31 2022

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve migrated this website over to nextjs. There is a headless WordPress installation behind it still, but the pages are now pre-rendered and served statically, including pre-loading, so navigation around should be blazing fast. The pages which aren’t pre-rendered are the archive and search pages, which are rendered server-side on demand, […]

Sat Dec 31 2022

Well, 2022 was even worse for us than 2021 – once again as reflected by my social media presence (or lack thereof). However, one of the habits that has emerged for us as a family is our “Good Things” jar – where each week we take a slip of paper, and write on it all […]

Thu Dec 29 2022

Well, the radio silence since May has been for a number of reasons, a large aspect of which was some infrastructure work behind the scenes. I manage to b0rk the pi which hosts this website, but rather than spending ages recreating all the websites, database, config, etc. I decided to put everything into Docker containers, […]

Sat May 07 2022

Slightly unintentionally I have built up a collection of “meaningful” ties, principally from my almae matres. I didn’t really set out to do it, but now I have started doing it I am always on the look out for opportunities to get a tie which represents something. I’ve put them on my 365, but thought […]